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An LA Galaxy podcast with no filter and all passion. Factual accuracy may vary (it doesn't, we're right).


In the late hours of otherwise unremarkable Wednesday night, September 14, 2016, Ed “the Zombie” Rodriguez uploaded the first Riot Squadcast featuring his best friend and co-host Chris “Zero Cool” Tucker.

Based in the city of Long Beach, Ed had a mostly-legal recording program cobbled together on his computer, and Chris was calling in from inside a dark closet (literally, not figuratively) via his Portland-area home.

Their goal was simple – initiate a conversation about the LA Galaxy that was honest, unfiltered, critical, passionate, and reasonably informed. Their hope was that there was a part of the Galaxy fanbase that was looking for those types of conversations that weren’t being served.

Turns out, they were right.

Chris moved back to LA, and an early listener named Ben volunteered his recording space and podcast producing talents (and aggro takes). Listenership bloomed, production quality improved, and win or lose, Chris & Ed have surpassed over 100 episodes together doing pretty much what they did that first night – give their own NSFW brand of thoughts and analysis on the LA Galaxy, life, and David Carradine.

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